MoneyGram Enables Users to Hold Crypto

MoneyGram recently announced that it will allow users to hold Bitcoin and other digital assets within its platform. This new feature comes as the company looks to expand its reach and appeal to a wide range of customers.

Before transacting, you’ll first need to download the Moneygram app then register as a user. The registration process will prompt you to input your legal name, social security number, your ID, mobile phone and email address,

Once verification is complete, you can use your debit card to load funds and purchase any crypto you would like. Digital assets traded on this app are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum,

There are also tutorials to guide newbies on how to trade cryptocurrencies on the app.

At the moment, this crypto feature on the app can only be accessed by residents who live in the United States and the District of Colombia.

The company has collaborated with a number of leading crypto players such as Coinme, Stellar, Gcoin, and Circle to enable the settlement of transactions.

While launching this crypto feature in their app, the CEO of MoneyGram, Alex Holmes, said that they are an industry leader in facilitating cash transfers across the world and that cryptocurrencies had a lot of potential in enhancing remittances across the world. He added:

” We are delighted to provide our customers with an easy-to-use platform from where to trade cryptocurrencies. As customer interest in digital currencies continues to grow, we are uniquely positioned to meet this demand.”

MoneyGram is a remittance platform used by over 140 million users worldwide and this integration will make it easier for its clients to adopt and use cryptocurrencies as a payment method. With the addition of crypto holding, MoneyGram is positioning itself as a leader as it users to take advantage of this growing asset class.



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