8 reasons to have a Creditum multi-currency account

Creditum is offering you a multi-currency account through its mobile banking app Creditum Lite, and it combines fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, so you can hold and spend both with ease. In this blog we look at the benefits of having a multi-currency account.

What is a multi-currency account?

A multi-currency or foreign currency account is a type of account that allows you to hold, send and receive funds in multiple foreign currencies.

Businesses and individuals can benefit from this type of account, because it offers you the flexibility to hold different currencies until you need them and exchange them into the local currency as required.

The 8 advantages of the Creditum multi-currency account:

1. You can hold, send and receive currencies without paying the typically high bank conversion fees, or losing out due to the banks high exchange rates.

2. The fee structure is significantly lower than with a traditional bank.

3. You can open your account online, so you don’t need to leave home to do it.

4. You can make international money transfers are much lower fees, plus you don’t need to use another money transfer service: it’s all in one place.

5. Transfers are fast and you receive real-time notifications.

6. You can make a transfer simply by using an SMS, instead of having to get the person’s bank details to send them money.

7. No need to open a bank account in a foreign country for those with second homes, digital nomads and those who travel frequently for business.

8. You can spend cryptocurrencies without having to transfer them from an exchange to a bank account. You choose which of your currencies you want to use when spending with your Creditum card, or when sending money to friends, family or a merchant.

Sign up for your Creditum multi-currency account at https://creditum.io/

Alternatively, download the Creditum Lite app at Google PlayStore, or for iOS at the Apple store.




Creditum is the mobile application integrating regular cash with Crypto, Holding, Buying, Exchanging and Spending

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Creditum is the mobile application integrating regular cash with Crypto, Holding, Buying, Exchanging and Spending

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